Kitting and Staging Services

Our kitting and staging services are flexible and custom designed to efficiently and accurately fit your organization’s needs. Whether you purchased your computer and peripherals from U. S. Computers, Inc., or another provider it does not matter, you can have everything configured, assembled, tested, staged into a turn-key Kit customized for each department or user, and is ready to be utilized, the minute it comes out of the box. With our help, your staff will have to spend minimal time and will start benefiting from the newly purchased equipment once it arrives. Our kitting services include:

  • Procurement of kit inventory (equipment, accessories, instructions, tools, etc.)
  • Kit assembly, labeling and repacking
  • Shipment or personal delivery to each locations
  • On-demand kit distribution (kits are built, stored and shipped to your facilities upon request or on a preset schedule)
  • Inventory management Call us today for your kitting requirements